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A very small number of paperback books have been signed by some famous people. These books are complete one-offs and as such are totally unique.

Interested in obtaining one of these books? If so, please contact myself Simon Coates by email, editor@galactic-echo.com. I would be happy to sell them to private individuals at £25 each plus postage. Alternatively, if you would like to obtain a book for charity purposes, for example if you are holding an event and feel that having one of these books would help raise money for whatever cause you are promoting, I might be interested in giving one of these books. Just get in touch and I’ll see what I can do. Pictured below are the actual signatures in the books.


At the same event where David Prowse was a guest, Terry Molloy was also present, and once again I was able to bargain with him in the way I negotiated the deal with Darth Vader! Mike’s picture of Davros is shown here, which Terry was happy to receive in return for him signing my cycling book. I must have a knack of brokering deals with the most evil characters in the universe (I have got to say however that neither Terry Molloy or David Prowse are nothing like their on-screen alter-ego).

Book signed: Bike Racing into the Red.


In March 2015, I was very fortunate to meet David Prowse at a science fiction event in Scarborough. He was mightily impressed by Mike Wood’s portrait of Darth Vader, which I gave to him in return for him to sign my cycling story. Doing a deal with Lord Vader is pretty cool don’t you think.

Book signed: Bike Racing into the Red.


I met Alan Hinkes at an event to celebrate the 190th anniversary of the world’s first railway bridge in September 2015 (pictured left is Alan at this event). Alan is the first British mountaineer to have claimed all 14 mountains with elevations greater than 8000 metres. The link to my cycling story about Olympus Mons is obvious. To date Alan has not confirmed if he would like to summit this mountain, if given the opportunity to do so…

Book signed: Bike Racing into the Red.


The first ever British rider to win a stage of the Tour de France, and to finish the great race.

The signature shown right is on the inside front cover page.

The perfect gift for the two wheeled fanatic in your life!

Image left © Cycling Weekly.

Book signed: Bike Racing into the Red.


Has had involvement with simply countless films, Barrie Holland is probably most famous for his role as an Imperial Officer in Return of the Jedi (pictured left).

My book is signed with his famous phrase from the film “You Rebel Scum” which is pretty cool.

Image left © Star Wars.

Book signed: The Discovery of Love.