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Location: Carlton, North Yorkshire, England, Planet Earth                   Date: early-2300

It might be the 24th century, but the feudal baron lives on. Wealthy industrialist Remus Tallantyre has homes on Mars, the Moon and Planet Earth, and an inter-planetary spaceship that will power him wherever he wants to go, but he still feels the need to rule his staff’s lives with working conditions that belong to the Middle Ages. When his loyal butler, Ezkeil Manton, falls in love with a colleague, their path to happiness seems doomed in the face of non-fraternisation rules. Then fate changes everything…

*** Please note!!!! ***

This story is not a typical, soppy, boring romance between two young lovers. If you want sex, look elsewhere. This story is actually quite gritty, dark even - which plays on the genuine frustration between two perfectly good, decent people with an obvious attraction to each other, but unable to do anything about it due to the power held by Remus Tallantyre. Will they drift apart? Will the red mist descend to take out the ultimate revenge? Will a mystery person come into their lives? Bet you are intrigued now…

Oh yes and the first draft of the story took eight days to write…

Word count: 55,700, paperback 153 pages.

Availability and pricing

Paperback - to purchase The Discovery of Love direct from myself, the author, click on the Buy Now button to the right. Please ensure you choose the appropriate postage option (UK, Rest of Europe or the Rest of the World). Please note you don’t actually need a PayPal account; you can just give your bank details when you get to the payment options.

Note about postage: books will be sent as standard first class mail, so delivery will be a few days in the UK. I don’t offer an option for insured postage due to the high cost, however if you require this please contact me, editor@galactic-echo.com.

The book is also available to buy from selected bookshops across Teesside and North Yorkshire (see home page for details).

EBook - around £2.00 (price set in US $ and subject to currency fluctuations). Click on the cover image above to go to the Amazon page to download the book. It can also be downloaded from Smashwords, an ideal choice if you want an eBook version and don’t have a Kindle. Smashwords offer a number of different file types, including pdf and others, and also allow a free sample to be downloaded (see right). Go to the Smashwords page for the book here: www.smashwords.com/books/view/578851

** Freebie! **

To accompany the book, here is a map of Teesside and North Yorkshire in the early-24th century, that details all the places of importance that feature in the story. Click on the image left to download the map.

Fancy a sneak peek of the story? Then you need Sneak Peek, a fantastic site set up by fellow author Paul White. Just click on the link below to go to the page for the Discovery of Love. Featured is a chapter introduction.


Postage option

Download first 20% of the book free from smashwords! Click here!

This is what some people have said about The Discovery of Love

‘I would recommend this book it is different from the usual run of the mill love story’

‘Discovery of love is an interesting read and a book like no other I have ever read before; a love story set in a sci-fi futuristic setting, it gripped me from the start’

Click on the image of the book cover above to go to the Amazon page for all the reviews.