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Paperback stockists

As well as being available to purchase direct on this website, the paperbacks are also available from the following shops around Teesside and North Yorkshire:

Saltburn - Book Corner - has been described as the smallest bookshop in Europe.

Stockton - Drake the Bookshop - recently opened independent bookshop on the High Street.

Yarm - Strickland & Holt - probably the best gift shop in Yarm.

Great Ayton - Worthy Pearson - a great little newsagent in Great Ayton, who also stock books from local authors, like me!

Thirsk - White Rose Book Cafe - a lovely independent bookshop in Heriot Country, voted as best independent bookseller in the North 2014.

And now onto the science fiction, the cornerstone of Simon’s writing! The books are described on their own page on this website, just click on any of the titles in the menu above to find out more. You can read more about Simon in the ‘About and Contact’ section of the website.

The books are all based in this time, taking a basic concept and making a story from it. We have two books regarding spaceship racing, the biggest sport of the time, the 2299 Formula X Guidebook and The Diary of Silas Volante. The Guidebook is a preview to the 2299 racing season; the Diary is a book written by Silas Volante, one of the racing pilots, as he explains what it is like to be a pilot competing in this incredibly dangerous and exciting sport during 2299. So the Guidebook is essentially a preview to the Diary. For more traditional stories, we have Bike Racing into the Red, which is a tale of an amateur bicycle racer who takes on the ultimate cycling challenge, the 240 mile mountain climb race up Olympus Mons on terraformed Planet Mars. Astonishingly, this is the first fictional story about cycling road racing published anywhere in the world for 40 years! The Discovery of Love is a love story, set around North Yorkshire and Teesside. The Encyclopaedia of the Galactic Echo is the key book that explains everything going on in this time, laying the foundations to all the stories.

All of the books are available as eBooks from various sites, including Amazon and others; the encyclopaedia is available as a free download from the eBook site Smashwords. There are also paperback copies available direct from myself; just click on the images of the covers below to go to the page on this website for them, which has the purchase options.

The Discovery of Love Formula X Spaceship Racing Formula X Spaceship Racing Bike Racing into the Red

Queries? Problems? Then email editor@galactic-echo.com, all emails answered by Simon Coates. Look forward to hearing from you!

Encyclopaedia of the Galactic Echo

FREE download available!

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Hello and welcome to the Galactic Echo, the website of author Simon Coates.

Although the Galactic Echo is a science fiction concept of life in the far future (see below), Simon is currently involved with a number of really exciting non-fiction projects:

-In 1992, Peter Howe (BEM) rode across America. He kept a diary, and it has been agreed that Simon will convert this diary into a published book. Expected publication in September 2017.

-Chris Hopkinson (pictured right) is one of the world’s greatest ultra-marathon racing cyclists. In 2005, he was the first British rider to officially finish the Race Across America, regarded as being the hardest bike race in the world. He has gone on to win multiple world championships and further finishes in RAAM in later years. Simon has been commissioned to complete a biography of Chris’s remarkable career.

Bike parts for sale

Simon has a large number of bicycle parts for sale that he has no longer any use for; a very diverse range of bits, from the very mundane to the most sought after and rare parts in the world!

You can download a pdf file with all the details here.