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The Galactic Echo is a science fiction/fiction concept based on a possible future existence in the late 23rd/early 24th century. Whereas most science fiction based on the future looks at concepts such as aliens, warp-travel and teleporting, etc, the Galactic Echo is based on ideas that might actually happen, such as:

-Living on planet Mars, after a successful project to make the planet safe to live on (terraforming);

-Living on the Moon, under safe ‘domes’ as the Moon cannot be terraformed;

-Looking at everyday life for people, such as looking at what sort of jobs people might do in the future, etc.

Now of course this has been done before - see Mad Max, Star Trek, Terminator, and many more. But whereas they look at general ideas that are quite unlikely, the Galactic Echo looks at things that might actually really happen - using ideas such as living well beyond 100 years, and such like.

Yes there is space travel - but not at light speed! The idea of travelling to the Moon for instance brings into question the idea of the spaceship industry, so we have companies that offer various spaceships depending on budget and requirement - expensive (Gilbern), relatively affordable (Fellucia) and sporty (Sunstar). Currency is by universal credit, of which one credit is worth roughly the same as a British pound today.

The general idea is to bring out stories and books to do with this future existence. Bike Racing into the Red was the first paperback published, followed by The Discovery of Love. Many more stories and books are planned.

A bit about myself…

I am Simon Coates, the author and creator of the Galactic Echo. In this section, I would like to tell you a bit about myself and where the idea came from.

I live in North-East England, I enjoy road cycling and photography, and, now at least, do a bit of writing…

In terms of writing, to begin with, I am not a traditional author by any measure. I do not read books, nor have I written much in the past; also, I am not really a bit fan of sci-fi as such; yes I love Star Wars and the usual sci-fi (who doesn’t?), but as far as being a big fan, no that is not me.

So, you may be wondering - how on earth did I end up doing this?

Well, I am not sure exactly, but the idea sort of just came to me - the concept of writing about a possible future existence. So, I started to think about this, and ‘messed around with it’ as a bit of a hobby; it was just a bit of fun.

However, I have decided to take it that next step and actually publish books and get the idea out there. Who knows what might happen; it is not as if I can look into the future… oh hang on…

I find I get a lot of pleasure in writing and I hope it shows with the books I have written; if you enjoy them half as much as I enjoyed writing them then it is all worthwhile!

Queries? Then send emails to: editor@galactic-echo.com. All emails personally answered!

Above: myself and fellow author Anne Fothergill, at the launch of The Discovery of Love, at the Book Corner in Saltburn, 22nd March 2015. Many thanks to Anne to allow me to use this photo.