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“His last bit of clothing was a special necklace. It was a very old piece of jewellery, a bicycle chain plated in 24-carat gold wrapped around an anodized rear derailleur jockey wheel, which had been in his family for many years. The story was that it was won by a member of his family back in the 21st century, following a competition run by a science fiction author at the time.”

Introducing the Galactic Echo Goldie

The Goldie is a very special necklace that was used as a promotional tool for the cycling story ‘Bike Racing into the Red’. The item uses links of the very rare Rohloff SLT 99 chain, plated in 24 carat gold. I have been able to make a number of these necklaces, which I offered as prizes during 2014, in a writing competition and also in a couple of bike races. I have a number of necklaces still available, which I am now willing to sell.

From the book Bike Racing into the Red: it is in the year 2300, and main character Jonas Zemke is getting ready for a bike ride:


*** The Galactic Echo Goldie is now available to buy, priced at £60 each. Please email editor@galactic-echo.com for details ***


Below, from left, Goldie with ‘Circus Monkey’ gold anodized jockey wheel, Goldie with ‘One23’ red centre jockey wheel, close detail of Goldie, then finally a Goldie pictured with another necklace featuring a standard Rolhloff chain wrapped around a jockey wheel. Goldies come in various guises!