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Artist Mike Wood Galactic Echo Goldie Future Projects Acknowledgements About & Contact

Introducing artist Mike Wood

In 2014, was looking for an artist to illustrate my books, and met Mike’s wife at an event in Middlesbrough, who introduced me to his artwork. Mike mainly does portraits of famous people in film, music and sport and after seeing his work was absolutely stunned at the quality. Mike is simply the most talented artist I have ever met. After meeting with Mike I was delighted to come to an agreement to have him on board. Mike’s remit initially was to illustrate my next books about spaceship racing which have now been published, and no doubt I will be calling on Mike again for future projects,

So how good is Mike? Well I’ll leave you to decide. Mike has nearly 300 portraits of famous people, here is a small section for you look at. Just click on the small pictures on display here to get a larger image. Can you guess who they are? If you need help, click on the link below to get the answers.

I will be showing these pictures at shows I will be attending with my books, where you will be able to view them. Of course the actual pictures look better than what can be reproduced here! They may be available to purchase online at some point.

Read more about Mike here, from articles in the Ilkeston Advertiser, a local newspaper from the area:



Follow Mike on Facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009175555681&fref=ts

Stuck on recognising the characters shown here? Click here for the answers.

Above: Mike at work, creating another masterpiece.

Captain Kirk.jpg Kryten.jpg Ripley.jpg 10th Dr Who.jpg Obi Wan Kenobi.jpg ET.jpg