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The Galactic Echo is the creation of myself, Simon Coates; however, there are a number of professional people and bodies who also help in one way or another. This page is dedicated to those who have all contributed in some way, and mentioning them on here is a way of me saying ‘thank you’. No doubt this will be added to in the future! Welcome to the Galactic Echo Hall of Fame…

Proof Reader - Nick Robinson of Media Dialogue

My proof reader is Nick Robinson of Media Dialogue. I used Nick to proof read the cycling story 'Bike Racing into the Red' and was impressed with the professional job undertaken. The cost was lower than other proof readers, and was completed in a prompt timescale. Nick has extensive experience in the industry and I will be calling on Nick to proof read my future books. If you require a professional proof reading job undertaken, I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick. He can be contacted by email

info@affordableproofreading.co.uk, and the website is www.affordableproofreading.co.uk.

Book Publisher - Quoin Publishing

My publisher is Quoin Publishing Ltd who are based near the Tees Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough, who are best known as the publisher of the local magazine Now & Then. They published the cycling story 'Bike Racing into the Red' and I was very impressed with the prompt and professional job they did. The books are spot on, they took care of the ISBN number, the books to go to the British Library and other details, for a very reasonable price. I found the fact that I was dealing with professional people on a one-to-one basis much better than getting an Internet company to undertake the publishing, as it ensured the book was produced to the highest standard, and exactly the way I wanted it. I will be using Quoin for future books and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wants a book produced that will stand comparison with anything produced by a big name publisher - and certainly far higher quality than the Internet based book publishers.


Many thanks to the following radio stations:SCI-FAIR 14TH FEB - edited.mp3

I am a regular guest on Chat & Spin radion. Click here to find out more about Chat & Spin radio.

Also - Many thanks to Ignition Radio, I visited them in February and spoke about my books for around half an hour - here is a link to the Youtube recording: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2yh7BmRzIA (please note there are books on the video that are not mine - it looks like there is another author Simon Coates out there)!