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Encyclopaedia of the Galactic Echo

Everything you need to know about life in the far future…

…and completely free to download!

The encyclopaedia is a book that explains what life might be like three hundred years from now - the stories published for the Galactic Echo are all based in this time, so it is a guidebook to what is happening at that time, giving you a background to the stories. As an example, Bike Racing into the Red is a story about a cycling hill climb of Olympus Mons - in the encyclopaedia, there are details about how we came to colonialise Planet Mars, ultimately leading to the possibility of a bike race up the huge mountain. The encyclopaedia is a key book for the Galactic Echo, looking at all aspects of life as we approach the 24th century. And there is an awful lot going on…

-A summary of major events from the early 21st century to the latter part of the 23rd century;

-How Government is organised;

-Life on Earth, the Moon, Mars and spacestations;

-The projects to make Mars and the Moon habitable;

-Wildlife on Mars and the Moon;

-Economics and currency;

-Healthcare, including the full brain transplant;

-Sport, including Formula X and the Solar Marathon spaceship racing events, and other sports including targetball, football, and hoverball;

-The Olympus Mons cycling hill climb;

-Transport in space - the public highway and details of the public spaceship industry;

-Preparing for long distance space journeys;

-Spaceship tests - the super luxury Gilbern Golden Dragon and the Solar Racing Horizon Formula X race ship;

-Domestic power;

-23rd century household pets;


-Antiques and collectibles;

-IronO, the precious metal on Mars;

-Significant people in history;

-Important organisations and companies;

-Employment in 2298.

Word count: 37,000

***Please note: this is only available as an eBook presently.***

The Encyclopaedia of the Galactic Echo also features many colour advertisements of companies and organisations operating at the time, I have created a poster with them all on - I think it looks great! Download it here.

Advertisement Poster.pdf

Click on the cover image to go to the Smashwords page for your free copy of the Encyclopaedia of the Galactic Echo: